Braids are most definitely my favorite protective-style at the moment. I love how it compliments the shape of my head and face, with or without any make-up on.
I love the diversity of small, medium or larger braids and all the different colours. You can also play with the length by wearing your hair down or up in a elegant bun. If your hair is sticking out at the roots, there are many beanies and cute accessories to cover it up.
To keep my hairscalp moisturized, I spray my hair once a week with tea tree oil.
When I'm at home or going to the grocery store I try to keep my hair down to let it breath.
But my favorite hairstyle is definitely the highest bun, because it compliments my fuller face.

This is how I styled my hair during the month. I left it in for five weeks, it should be four, but I was really busy during the week that I needed to take them down.
Before I take down my braids, I have a natural way of thinking about what my next look will be.
I explore the web for protective styles that I like and suits me best.
I make sure that I think about the budget, how much time it will take and if it suits my life and situation at the moment.

That's why I went natural!
Especially the main reason is to love my hair just how it comes out naturally.
Spending to much money on hair that's not mine and less money on my own natural hair does not make sense to me anymore.
For now I don't have the time to do twists or whatever naturalhair-style with my hair.
I just do protective-styles during this busy period, untill I'm ready to do any other hairstyle with my natural hair.
My hair was about as long as it is right now one year ago, but it wasn't that healthy as it is right now.
Length does matter to me, but I make sure that I keep it healthy.
That's why I'm doing a protective-style, cause my hair is in a medium stage, where it can break off easily if I don't pay to much attention to it.
Don't get me wrong, many people forget that braids is not a rest-stage of your hair. Braids are a hairstyle and also needs to be taking care of.

I enjoyed my braids, especially the color and the lenght.
I received so many nice compliments from family, friends and even strangers.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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