I was looking for inspiration all around me, in search for answers and I could
not understand how my love for writing, blogging and fashion could not makeit possible to keep my blog up-to-date. You know what they say, thatsometimes the answers are right in front of your face. And it was!This changed my life, it changed the way I feel about myself and it inspires meto do better. Whit that been said, I want to inspire other people to. That's mymain reason. I want to inspire all types of women all over the world and whoknows... maybe men to. That would be great!

My personal JOURNEY of my NATURAL HAIR (I mean the hair I was
with) LOL.I came up with the idea, because I want to (like I've said before) inspire womenall over the world to face reality and except your hair the way it is and start
taking care of it. It can be fun and pleasure at the same time!

I will (Yess I will!) try to keep
 you guys posted with a vidlog (also pictures.journey of my hair throughout the whole year(s).
I'm very excited and very curious how this will work out.
Another excited thing, I'm living on my own now! Yayayay!!! 
So I think I will maybe keep you guys posted of the way I'm going to
 decorate it. So alot to look forward to.

Glad to be back, but my love for blogging never left.
Questions/Comments? Don't hesitate! 
Have a great night and see you soon.

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