pictures made; with instagram on my iphone 4
PICTURES OVERLOAD!! Some more pictures of my vacation made with my

Pictures your looking at; 
1. Arrived in Greece by night, we immediately wanted to try out a Greek
restaurant, I ordered grilled chicken and fries rapped in a pita with tzatziki.
2. After dinner you get a bottle of Raki
3. At the hotelpool
4. A day at the beach
  5. My favorite summer cocktail "Sex on the beach"
6. Having a fruity afternoon snack
7. More cocktails
8. Live band at the hotel
9. On the beach, very relaxed
10. Back in Holland, In need for  some coffee and the waitress wrote down my
name wrong; Andisa instead of Nadisa lol.

While typing this... I can't believe it's the complete opposite outside. Oh well,
I'm giving up on summer and can't wait to get me a big warm coat.

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