pictures made; with instagram on my iphone 4

Hellooo Holland.
I came back yesterday from a whole week spent in sunny GREECE. I was staying
in a very nice hotel in the town Rethymnon that's established in the popular
city KRETA.
It was all about relaxation, laying in the sun, swimming and get to see alot of
the town I was in. My boyfriend and I had so much fun that after waking up the
day after we came back... I felt a little bit sad, cause I really got used to the
Oh well... It was not that bad coming back cause I probably also brought the
sun with me. And as strange as it sounds I needed a good night sleep. While
typing this I can hear the raindrops on my window room... Realizing that this
was a very rainy summer in Holland, but my vacation made up for that part.

Pictures your looking at; 
1. My brand new fashionable purple suitcase
2. My favorite color of the season "shocking pink" by Barry M 
3. A big lunch before going on board 
4. On board saying good bye to Holland 
5. High above the Dutch

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