pictures; made by me and friend Mariska

Yesterday I (huge-Topshop-lover) had the opportunity to check out the special
preview of the Topshop collection at the SPRMRKT store in Amsterdam. I was
very excited cause I had no idea how the store looked like
and ofcourse how the collection would look like. I made a few pictures of the
collection, at that moment it was pretty crowded so I had to take the pictures
really fast and most of them did not made it to this post...but I saw some pretty
nice stuff hanging there. I'm planning to stop by the store very soon to get a
better glimp of the collection. It is still onreal for me to realise that Topshop is
just around the corner (not literally ofcourse) instead of 5 pond away. 
It was so nice to walk around the store with people who share the same intrest
as I do. A friend and I enjoyed the music, we had some drinks and laughed alot.
I had a blast and I want to thank SPRMRKT and I Love Fashion News for
making this possible. Don't forget to check out the Topshop collection at the
SPRMRKT store in Amsterdam, it's available today! KLICK


  1. Love your report of the topshop opening!

    Join the vintage give away on my blog if you like :)


  2. Superleuk dat je uitgenodigd was, leuke foto's zeg! ♥

  3. Leuk dat je was uitgenodigd!
    Wij waren er zelf een keer in de middag naartoe gegaan, viel ons enorm tegen:( Weinig stukken!